[SDCC 2012] Man of Steel Panel

Zach Snider is making no promises about the future of DC comic movies, but focuses on his current project. It’s titled Man of Steel and is a reboot of the Superman francise scheduled for a June 14, 2013 release.

Slashfilm reports with a quote from Zach Snider at San Diego Comic Con and on the footage revealed:

“We know that Superman is the jewel in the DC crown and what we’re really trying to do is get his house in order – and then, who knows what’s possible?”

There are a few shots of Clark visiting Krypton (or somewhere; Russell Crowe was there), there’s a massive battle with Superman (Henry Cavill) and Michael Shannon‘s villain flying at each other vertically beside a building, some kind of force that throws Superman into the above vault, Lois Lane kissing Superman, the military keeping watch on Superman, a young Clark saving a bus full of kids and much more.