Final Fantasy VII Returns With New Features

Years ago, Eidos released Final Fantasy VII for PC. Now, Square-Enix owns Eidos, and for the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, Square-Enix will be re-releasing the game for the PC as a digital download on the Square-Enix Store. But now with some additions.

This newer version of Final Fantasy VII with include a few modern features like achievements (it was announced that it would have 36 of them to collect). A character builder feature that can instantly increase your HP, MP, and Gil to the maximum. And this new version of Final Fantasy VII also supports cloud saves so you can resume your game from any Internet connected PC.

Although these new features could actually merit another play through for  Final Fantasy VII, I’m not convinced its worth buying the game again for. Either way, Final Fantasy VII for PC doesn’t have a release date, but Square-Enix says it is indeed coming soon.