MTV Movie Awards Debuts new footage of The Dark Knight Rises

Earlier tonight showcased the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, during the awards. During the show, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Joseph Gordan Levitt were brought to stage to show some new footage of the upcoming summer film The Dark Knight Rises.

While the entire presentation lasted about 10 min, and the footage itself only being roughly 2 min of it, there were some notable things that did occur while it was being made. There were some obvious mentions made that did indeed hint at the long made rumor of “Batman’s Death”, before the actual footage was shown, they did show a small clip that briefly showed the audience some important moments of the first two movies, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight.

What caught my attention most of all, was Christian Bale’s reaction to seeing the footage of Heath Ledger. After the footage was shown, he said a brief mention saying how great of a role he played, and while he did this, he got teared up, and looked like he was struggling holding back tears.¬† It was somewhat touching to see this actor still being affected by his friends death over 4 years later.

While the entire presentation can be seen here in a low quality bootleg, the cleaner and HD footage from The Dark Knight Rises can be seen below.

[Editor’s note: These videos will likely be removed from the net shortly, but at least until it’s taken down from youtube and dailymotion, enjoy! —update: as predicted, the video has been taken down. Be on the lookout for the new footage.]:

Batman by cleetusvandamne