Damon Lindelof of LOST wants to adapt IRON FIST for MARVEL

In a recent and exclusive interview while promoting the new movie PROMETHEUSCBM‘s Mark “RorMachine” Cassidy caught up with Damon Lindelof and asked him which comic book character he would like to adapt to the silver screen.


MC: So which character or characters would you most like to adapt for the screen and why?

DL: Well there’s a huge part of me that wold somehow like to be involved in a Batman movie, but now that I’ve seen what Christopher Nolan has done with it I just don’t think that anyone is ever going to do better. Sooner or later someone may have the audacity to do so, but It’s not going to be me! I think I would rather do a character that not many people knew, and maybe saw as lame and couldn’t carry their own movie. One character I’ve always loved is Iron Fist, and Matt Fractions incredible run with him a couple of years back. I always thought that would make a really cool movie. But I am hard pushed to think of me doing anything better than The Avengers which I just thought was phenomenal.

MC: Yeah it was great alright. But Iron Fist is interesting because there has been talk at Marvel in the past about getting that movie off the ground, I’m not sure anything ever went to the script stage though..

DL: Yeah well I mean I think it’s because he’s even more fringy than Iron Man was, and also because he’s called IRON Fist they may be worried about some confusion with the Iron Man franchise, even though obviously they are very different characters. But I have to imagine that with the success of The Avengers, they are planning to give Black Widow and Hawkeye their own spin-offs, and there are many more characters on the fringe of the Marvel universe that I feel are equally worthy, like Iron Fist.

While it has been rumored in the past that MARVEL STUDIOS has approached Damon Lindelof to adapt a movie for them, and the current rumors that IRON FIST may very well be one of the upcoming superheroes in the “phase 2” of Marvel’s movies, one could only hope the former LOST scribe gets the first pick to bring the IRON FIST to theaters in the future.