New TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises show a glimpse of the new Batcave

Recently a new 30 Sec TV spot aired for The Dark Knight Rises, and with it came some new footage. Among the shots came two in particular that showed what is presumed shots of the new Batcave.

If you notice in the background behind Alfred is the lower foundation of Wayne Manor that was first shown in Batman Begins, however, now it seems the foundation was improved with concrete and steps, and a very large computer set up.

The second photo shows Batman’s costume in a new case that resembles what it was first being held in The Dark Knight.

Lastly, a new still was released, making its way around the net but unknown what magazine it comes from. Showing “The Bat” and Batman in the entrance of the Batcave (notice the waterfall in the background).


Although its not much to go on, it does help give some an idea of what the Batcave can look like, which is its obviously more practical than its comic book counterpart.