Confirmed: G.I.JOE: Retaliation is pushed back, and here is why.

Yesterday I posted that Deadline revealed that G.I.JOE: Retaliation was pushed back until next March. While Paramount execs are saying its for the financial boost of 3D, some film sites are insinuating that the move may have actually had ulterior motives.


Today Via Twitter, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has confirmed that they will actually be shooting new scenes for 3D rather than opting for a simple post film, 3D conversion.

Dwayne Johnson @TheRockIt will be. Designing new scenes to enhance 3D. RT: @JimmyinGA: Was looking forward to GI Joe next month. Hope the 3D is worth the wait.


But now comes a whole new slew of rumors that imply that not only is Paramount is using the additional time to add new scenes but they’re also actively pursuing Joseph Gordon-Levitt to return as Cobra Commander.


Honestly, that move would make total sense. With his role in Inception and his upcoming roles in The Dark Knight Rises and Looper both set to release later this year, JGL is quickly becoming a big player in Hollywood and his profile will surely help attract more attention than it did with the first movie.