Is Final Fantasy XIII-3 inbound?

Back in 2011, several months before the official release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Square-Enix registered the domain for Final Fantasy XIII-3, and would later respond to fans by saying it was done “just in case”.

Then the unthinkable happened. Fans found a “to be continued..” screen at the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Suddenly everyone who played the game wondered “what comes next?” or even “come on…. another one?”.

As the complaints rolled in, and the questions were asked, Square-Enix replied that it was only to lead into future DLC for the game, and that the ending would be resolved through that medium. With a sigh of relief many accepted the answer and moved on. But now, the question returns.

This past Tuesday marked the release of several DLC packs on the PSN/Xbox Live store and with it, came the announcement that it would be Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s last pack of DLC.


In the final moments of the Requiem of the Goddess DLC it depicts:


Lightning  saying that she will wait until the end of eternity until Etro is awakened again, in a dying world 500af.



With the “final” DLC now released, and its ending very much hinting at the story continuing in a forthcoming sequel, fans are currently speculating that the advent of Final Fantasy XIII-3‘s official announcement isn’t far off.