Final Fantasy XIII looks better on PS3.

Yesterday the site posted an article regarding what they found while comparing the game on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 and it turns out according to them, the PS3 reigns supreme.

While the article was small and didnt go far into detail before they tried to reassure readers that they are unbiased between both systems, they did note what they found different between the consoles:

  • “While facial detail appears largely unchanged, the characters’ clothes appear at first glance to be lacking finer details, with notably lower resolution textures.”
  • “Incidental environmental objects and enemies appear less detailed, both in texture and geometry.”
  • “The game’s CG is extremely compressed and pales alongside the stunning HD goodness which blu-ray offers.”

While this news could easily spark a huge flame in, what seems as, the never ending feud between PS3 and Xbox fanboys, I will simply take it for the obvious fact present, Square-Enix made some visual sacrifices.


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