Wonder Woman


With DC comics announcement of  a Wonder Woman animated feature last year comic fans we’re ready for anything. Would it be like the old TV show? would it be like Justice League? or would it be completely different?


The look of Wonder Woman was beautiful. DC comics has a trend to never repeat animation styles, so when they came into this story they picked the perfect team. The colors are crisp and consistent and adds a beautiful complementary tone for the story. The Characters are designed well and the action sequences, although not for children, are breath taking.


The voice acting was my only problem with the movie, and most of it was spot on. Nathan Fillion did a great job as Steve Trevor, the movies leading man, he added a great level of comedy to a story that was set with such a dark tone. Unlike some movies comic relief,  Fillion’s role in this movie was exactly right. My problems with the voice acting was with the the villain and the lead. Keri Russell portrayed Princess Diana, Wonder Woman, but in my opinion didn’t sell it right. She played the young and naive part right, but not the tough warrior part, because of this I found myself loving the character at some moments but annoyed with her in others. And the movies villain, Ares God of War was played by Alfred Molina. The voice acting by Molina was amazing, he was spot on with the evil god of war persona, but sadly my only complaint was there were moments his menacing voice didn’t fit the body that it was suppose to be coming from.


The movies feel is much darker than I initially suspected from a movie about a superhero in an American flag bathing suit. From its introduction setting an epic, and bloody, battle for control to its ending confrontation with a similar feel, Wonder Woman proved that this movie is not for little kids. Its not in the slightest you’re average Saturday morning cartoon, but more on the lines of  a Japanese Anime in levels of maturity.


The story is what surprised me the most, because it was actually really good. The movie is an origin story, but unlike some superhero movies, Wonder Woman doesn’t skip a thing. It starts before her birth and sets the stage with Ares and his blood lust coming to an end by the hands of Wonder Woman’s mother, addresses why the amazons are secluded from man, why they are on the island of Themyscira, and shows Wonder Woman’s origin in a way that not even the comics have properly shown.

Bottom line, is that if you’re a fan of the character in any way or even just looking for a good story to watch, Wonder Woman is worth Checking out.


If you’re a fan of action movies or animation its a must buy.