Final Fantasy VII Advent Children hits blu-ray in Japan

Square-Enix is planning to re-release its acclaimed movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children on blu-ray April 2009. This new edition will include updated graphics and over 25 min of extended footage to help flesh out more of the story. The Movie will also come with a playable demo of the much anticipated FINAL FANTASY XIII that’s due later this year in japan and early 2010 in America.

The Movie is coming in 3 packages:

  • ¥49,980 [$550] – 160GB PS3 with Cloud wolf logo and copy of ACC
  • ¥5,900 [$65] – Advent Children Complete with demo
  • ¥4,900 [$54] – Advent Children Complete without demo

No word yet on an American release, but sources say that the movie will have an English Voice track and will be coded for American PS3 playability as well as Japans.