Author: Taylor Murphy

RIP BATMAN 1939 – 2009

Recently in the DC comics universe Batman tragically gave his life to save the universe (yes, the universe, not just Gotham City).  In a twist turn of events, Bruce Wayne picked up a gun and killed the embodiment of evil, Darkseid, and was killed himself in the process. For fans […]

Waiting for the WATCHMEN

In the late 1980’s a graphic novel was published that changed the way people saw comic books. It was gritty. It was intense.  It was full of rape, drugs, cursing, and violence. It was everything comic books were not in the public eye. And people loved it. The books plot […]

The Dark Knight

Over the past several years Hollywood has provided plenty of superhero and comic book based movies. Some have been action movies and some spoofs, yet all of them have either changed the way we see these icons, or just made us wish they had been never done in the first […]