One Does Not Simply Recreate Middle Earth in Minecraft….

middleearthWhether you like the game or not, there are some things that you can do in Minecraft that you just can’t do in other games, such as rebuild the entire world of Middle Earth.

That’s exactly what a group of players from Minecraft Middle-Earth decided to do back in October 2010; and over two years later, the amount of progress they have made is astounding. Thousands of man hours have gone into this, from the core group that started it all, to the massive build events they have where they bring in people from the community to help out.

Gunnar Gaming Glasses – Do they actually work?

gunnar-advanced-gaming-ppk-optiks-eyewearWe’ve all been there, hour seven of a gaming session, and you can’t remember the last time you blinked. A burning sensation courses through your eyes as their lids close and you ponder the permanent effects on your vision.  Well, worry not, fellow gamers, we have a possible solution in the form of stylish glasses.

I know when I first saw an advertisement for Gunnar glasses I was skeptical; but after using them for a few months, I can say they work. Now, like every product, these glasses have their advantages and disadvantages, so lets take a closer look to see if they are a product for you.