James Gunn releases first full Superman photo!

The first look at the new, full Superman suit has arrived.

That’s right, DC fans: James Gunn himself has posted the first look at the full Superman suit on his Instagram today – and it looks awesome! We find Kal-El sitting in a chair in what appears to be his apartment, pulling up his boot, seemingly getting ready to fly up, up and away! In the background is what appears to be a giant evil force – perhaps alien or technological (or both?) – reigning havoc in Metropolis.

James Gunn new Superman suit post

But back to the suit. The suit seems to be less fitted than Henry Cavill‘s suit was in the DCEU. In general, it appears to be a bit more “down to earth” than Cavill’s, perhaps implying that this suit in the DCU was created on Earth, unlike Cavill’s, which was from a Kryptonian ship. We see the red undies and perhaps even a yellow utility belt of sorts. And, of course, it features the new Superman symbol that Gunn revealed earlier this year.

This Superman looks like he’s already been fighting for the city recently. It looks charred and unclean. It tells the story of a hero who gets back up to fight the villain in the skyline even when he hasn’t fully re-couped – or at least re-cleaned – since his last fight. It reminds us that Superman is a hero of hope. And hopefully the stories told in this film will share that very message.

Superman premiers in theaters on July 11, 2025, starring David Corenswet, Rachel Brosnahan, and Wendell Pierce.

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