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Spider-Man to cameo in ‘X-Men ’97’?

It sounds like fans may get to see Spidey and the Mutants reunite!

X-Men ’97 has finally premiered on Disney+, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings are sky-high! Critics are giving it a 100% fresh rating, with audience scores not far behind at 94%! Picking up where the original ’90s series left off, the show is already a hit. But the good news doesn’t stop there for fans!

To recap, not only did the ’90s bring us X-Men: The Animated Series and Spider-Man: The Animated Series (which ran from 1994-1998). Various Marvel heroes made cameos in X-Men, including Spider-Man. Comicbook.com has reported that in a recent interview with Brad Winderbaum, the executive producer of X-Men ’97, he was asked whether Spider-Man would make another appearance in the new series. Brad had this to say:

We have a great executive…Drew River, who manages the continuity of the timeline…X-Men ’97 fits into that ’90s timeline, along with the OG series, as well as those concurrent ’90s shows that would sometimes cross over with the X-Men. The potential is always there…the original show does have a lot of fun cameos, and ’97 carries that torch.

Brad Winderbaum

So, it sounds like Spidey may be appearing in the new series. Undoubtedly, fans would eat this up. Only time will tell if the new X-Men show will feature some awesome Marvel cameos, but here at The Cultured Nerd, we’ll keep watch for you!

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