Tron: Ares close up

First photo from ‘Tron: Ares’ has arrived!

Users, are you ready? Tron is back!

In 1982 Disney brought the world a new classic: Tron. Then, 2010 saw the company give this world a breath of new life with its sequel, Tron: Legacy. Now, over a decade letter, users can return to the grid for the third film in the franchise! Tron: Ares is set to hit theaters in 2025, and the film’s star, Jared Leto, recently dropped the first photo from the movie…and it looks great!

Tron: Ares

On Instagram Jared Leto and Disney Studios shared this photo. The sleek suit design is not unlike what we saw in Tron: Legacy. While not much is known about the upcoming film, what we do know is that it follows the journey of Ares, a program, who travels to the real world on a mission. But as the months go by and we move further into 2024, fans can surely expect to get more photos and info about what’s next for the digital world of Tron!

Are you excited to return to the grid for the third film installment? Let us know in the comments below!

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