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Producers of ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ talk what’s next

‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ producers share their thoughts on the future of Star Wars animation.

For many Star Wars fans, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a huge part of the lore. The seven-season animated series gave fans new characters, epic battles, heart-wrenching storylines, and in general expanded the Star Wars galaxy. Then, came Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a spin-off series surrounding the post-Wars adventures of a group of misfit clones. The series premiered on Disney+ in 2021 and is about to wrap up its third and final season.

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In an interview with, Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett – the producers of Star Wars: The Bad Batch – talked about the future of Star Wars animation. Though not giving specific details, Corbett said, “Obviously, we can’t really speak as to if there’s something in the works or not, but I will just say that the team at Lucasfilm Animation, it’s been a pleasure working with them, because they are so fantastic at what they do…” and went on to express her interest in watching future Star Wars animated projects by stating, “If there is stuff in the future I’m going to watch and be a fan because I love all the things that they do.” Rau affirmed this as well.

So, who knows what’s next in the Star Wars galaxy, but hopefully it will be stories that entice fans as much as The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch did!

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