Zack Finfrock returns to the Wasteland in ‘Fallout: Breaking’

Indie creator Zack Finfrock has announced via Youtube that his latest fan film, Fallout: Breaking, is currently in pre-production.

From the enigmatic mind behind the fan film and webseries Fallout: Nuka Break comes a new post-apocolyptic story in the making. Fallout: Breaking is a new standalone fan film that follows the protagonist, Twig, 10 years after the events that occurred in Fallout: Nuka Break. Since the previous projects, the audience will get to see a more grown and mature Twig as he takes on new challenges that have yet to be faced head on, and that means donning a brand new, updated game accurate look for him as well.

Twig concept art (360 Turnaround)
Weapon Prop designed by Brian Curtin
Cash, bottle caps, & Nuka Cola props designed by Bill Doran

In addition to upgraded gear, the weaponry has also improved. Thanks to Infectious Designer’s prop designer Brian Curtin along with Bill Doran of, Twig will be equipped with a full arsenal featured in the live action concept short, Fallout 76. However, in order for Fallout: Breaking to reach its early April release goal, Zack Finfrock and his crew requires your support to get there!

If you’d like to help Fallout: Breaking reach and exceed new heights, head over to the film’s GoFundme page for details and make a donation today!