Will the Excellent Adventure Continue? Alex Winter Teases Possible ‘Bill & Ted 4’

Grab your air guitars – Alex Winter hints at a most triumphant return in ‘Bill & Ted 4’, teasing a new excellent adventure that could have us all partying on, dudes.

In an interview on the Sarah O’Connell Show, Alex Winter revealed that the writers have a great idea for a fourth installment in the Bill & Ted series.

The last Bill & Ted movie, Bill & Ted Face the Music, released in 2020, seemed to put a cap on the franchise with the two middle-aged heroes fulfilling their destiny in a most unexpected and excellent way. Still, according to Winter, there might be room for another story.

“We’re tinkering with a fourth movie that all of us like, and the guys are going to write. I mean, it takes us time to get these things going and we never want to do them unless they’re great.”

It took almost 30 years for a sequel to Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey to get made. Here’s hoping this one comes around a little sooner, although Winter has said it could take some time.

“There’s a really good idea the writers came up with for it that’s kind of obvious. I don’t want to give it away … I can’t give it away, they would have me drawn and quartered, but it is a really great idea and kind of an obvious idea. It will get written, and then we’ll see when we can actually get it made. It may be a little while.”

In the meantime, Winter is not slowing down. He’s set to direct The Adults, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Josh Gad, with production kicking off this spring.