Netflix renews Kid Cosmic for two more seasons

Craig McCracken’s latest animation creation continues with an additional two seasons

Netflix has renewed Craig McCracken’s newest cartoon, Kid Cosmic, for seasons 2 and 3.

The show overall is not only about learning how to be a good hero, but also about the tendency to gatekeep in fandoms and the importance of learning how to share. Plot wise, Kid Cosmic focuses on a young boy who is obsessed with comic books and one day discovers five colorful stones that imbue the holder with superpowers. Each stone eventually finds an owner. Jo (voiced by Amanda C. Miller) can open portals, old man Papa G (voiced by Keith Ferguson) can create clones of himself, toddler Rosa (voiced by Lily Rose Silver) can become a giant, and the cat Tuna Sandwich (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) can see into the future. However, the path to putting a team together is a difficult one. Despite lacking leadership skills and experience, Kid is also very adamant about being the leader of the team, as he touts his knowledge of comic books as the main reason why he should be in charge.

As for season two in particular, it has been subtitled Kid Cosmic & The Intergalactic Truck Stop! In this next chapter, life appears to be finding its sense of normalcy for Kid and co. after the stones are given to the aliens. However, that does not seem to be the case. Queen Xhan, the current possessor of the stones, notifies Kid and his team that Erodius, the Planet Killer, has returned. The heroes must now embark on a new journey into outer space fulfill a new quest: find all 13 Stones and defeat Erodius.

Kid Cosmic’s second season releases exclusively on Netflix September 7. Plot details and release window pertaining to season 3 have not been released at this time.