Independence Day Sequel Cast Announcements


In case you hadn’t heard, a sequel to the cult classic Independence Day is in the works! There’s been a good bit of speculation over the past couple years, but it sounds like the project is finally gaining ground.

Director Roland Emmerich announced via Twitter yesterday that Liam Hemsworth (aka Thor’s brother) and Jeff Goldblum (!!!) will be joining the cast. Jessie Usher had already been announced as the lead for the follow-up film.


Bill Pullman (who played President Whitmore in the original) reportedly signed on to the project when it was originally announced. Sadly, it looks like Will Smith may not be involved. Emmerich told the Daily News in 2013 that

“Will Smith can not come back because he’s too expensive, but he’d also be too much of a marquee name…It would be too much. We have like maybe half of the people that you know would know from the first film (in the script) and the other half people who are new. “

According to Screen Rant, the developers of the film had a version of the film which didn’t feature Smith’s character ready to go. With Jeff Goldblum officially on board, this is a sequel I may be able to enjoy. Let’s certainly hope the follow-up doesn’t disappoint! Independence Day 2 is currently slated to be released in 2016.