Vanilla Ice Ends Up In The Cooler


Hey everyone! Vanilla Ice is alive, and you will never guess what happened to him this week. The 90s rap artist was arrested on Wednesday on charges of Burglary and Grand Theft by The Lantana Police department in the great state of Florida.

Ice or Robert Van Winkle, as his mother calls him, was taken into custody due to his connection with a break in that happened in a home adjacent to a home that he was renovating as part of his HGTV show “The Vanilla Ice Project” That is right, the writer of such gangster lines as “Gunshots ranged out like a bell I grabbed my nine, all I heard was shells” now has a show where he shows stay at home-moms how to fancy up their living rooms and get that breakfast nook they have always wanted.

Am I the only one who feels really old after hearing that fact?

According to the press release, several items were burgled from the home, including furniture, a pool heater and a few bicycles. Many of which were found by authorities in Ice’s home after obtaining a search warrant leading them to assume that the one time rapper played a role in the robbery. Currently Ice is being cooperative and working with the Lantana Police Department to locate the rest of the purloined items.

I think what we can all take away from this, is that during his time working with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles he learned nothing. First, we can all assume that he did not absorb their strong moral code of doing what is right. But most importantly, he didn’t even bother to learn some of those sweet ninja moves, that way he might have gotten away with something like this.