New Terrifying Trailer for Poltergeist Remake

We have another Hollywood horror remake coming up, and I for one, am stoked. The original Poltergeist, directed by famed horror forerunner Tobe Hooper, terrified families around the globe all the way back in 1982. Director Sam Raimi has taken on the monumental task of remaking the classic tale. Raimi is best known for his work on the original Evil Dead series, Spiderman, and The Grudge. While some of his mainstream works have been hit-or-miss, Raimi has a great track record when it comes to horror films.


The trailer is absolutely bone-chilling, promising both a terrifying atmosphere as well as some classic jump-scares. The family and setting have been modernized, but it looks like Raimi plans to hold to the original plot. Jared Harris, noted for his role as Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is taking on the role of the priest who comes to cleanse the disturbed house.

I’m cautiously hopeful; a trailer does not a movie make. I’ve found that many horror titles give away their best moments in the preview, which leaves us with higher expectations than the film can hope to achieve. Regardless, this is one I’ll be catching on the big screen.

Poltergeist will be haunting theaters in July of this year.