First gameplay trailer for Persona 5 lands online

persona 5
Fans of JRPG’s don’t need a refresher course on what the Persona franchise has to offer. From its unique gameplay that mixes RPG battles with a dating sim, to its stellar music, The Persona franchise is unique in the best of ways. In 2008 when Persona 4 landed on the PS3, fans knew this franchise was growing into something great, and its PSVita remake, Persona 4: The Golden, is still hailed as one of the absolute “must buys” on that gaming unit. Now we have the 5th installment coming to both the PS3 and PS4, and with its newest trailer, we now have an idea of what this game will look like.
Check out the new trailer below:

Persona 5 lands on both PS3 and PS4 sometime in 2015.