The CW considering ‘The Atom’ for its next spin-off show


Following the reveals of Arrow and The Flash getting picked up for another season, the site Nerdist caught up with Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim following the reveal and quizzed him on the rumors, and subsequent vague confirmation, that The CW is looking at ‘The Atom’ for its next DC show.

“The thing that we’ve been talking about is just how do we further expand the universe; and we love Brandon and we love having him on Arrow, Brandon’s so terrific and embodies the role so well that when we talk about how to further expand things, he’s a natural person to talk about. It’s like Brandon said on the panel, originally when we met with him we just wanted to bring a great character onto the show and we wanted a great actor to play him. That’s really how it always starts. With the exception of Grant Gustin on Arrow last year, there’s never been a [decision] to bring in a character with the intention to spin them off. It’s always, ‘What services the show the best?'”

While its no surprise that this move was already in the works. The Atom has been extremely well received in this current season of Arrow, and the upcoming final reveal of the character in suit is easily one of the most anticipated developments of the season.

While nothing currently is set in stone, its looking more and more likely every day.