It Follows UK trailer shows horror that’s actually scary


The UK trailer for the upcoming teen horror film It Follows hit the net recently, showing us a film that looks fresh, tense, and incredibly cool. The film has been getting tons of good buzz, and is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated releases of 2015. With a great, paranoia inducing premise, the movie looks to draw inspiration from the Slenderman meme, while creating something wholly unique and and terrifying. Check out the trailer below:

Written and directed by newcomer, David Robert Mitchell, It Follows looks to be a clean break from the blood-and-gore soaked attempts at horror. Instead, the film uses an instantly recognizable, urban legend-esque premise to give audiences a new implacable, unstoppable force that will do whatever it takes to get to its intended victim. If the above trailer is any indication, we may just get a horror film that’s actually capable of making us sleep with the lights on.

It Follows will start seeking US audiences March 13.