Fox’s ‘Minority Report’ pilot gets a director


Fox has announced a director for their upcoming Minority Report pilot, Mark Mylod, best known for his work on ABC’s Once Upon a Time and Showtime’s The Affair. Fox seems to be impressed by Mylod’s work with these series, and the Golden Globe he won for The Affair certainly can’t hurt either. He has also directed a pilot for Fox’s upcoming drama, Backstrom.

Mylod will be adapting the 2002 film from Spielberg’s Amblin Television with a script from Godzilla screenwriter, Max Borenstein. The series is billed as a sequel, set ten years after the DC based PreCrime division was dismantled in the original film. One of the original pre-cogs is trying to live a normal life, but still maintains their abilities to see violent visions of crimes in the future. A detective struggling to deal with her past will help him find a new purpose for his abilities.


The series will most likely follow one of the male pre-cogs who didn’t get much screen time during the original film. If memory serves, they were twins in the film, which might lead to interesting character development. However, it seems a bit silly that the “new purpose” for his abilities is the same as the old purpose for his abilities.

Despite the failure of Almost Human, Fox seems determined to make a successful procedural cop drama with a science fiction twist. Adapting the well known 2002 film with its already established world can only help, as the technology, characters, and rules have already been established. However, it remains to be seen if audiences are interested in revisiting that world over a dozen years later.