Jason Momoa finally confirms he is Aquaman following today’s annoucement


Following this morning’s reveal from WB and DC that actor Jason Momoa is 100% officially playing Aquaman, the actor took to instagram to finally confirm the report after months of denying it:



Aloha to all my fans friends and family If u don’t know Know u know. This kanaka maoli Is aquaman. Cheeehoooiooo

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According to the report, Momoa will be filming a cameo role in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as reprising the role in the solo-film in 2018 and the two Justice League films.

Rumors also have begun to reveal the characters set in the upcoming solo-film, as well as the purpose of Aquaman’s inclusion in BvS:DOJ. According to twitter account, TheAquamanShrine, long-time baddie Black Manta, Aquaman’s brother Orm, aka Ocean Master, the Queen of Atlantis Mera, and The Trench, are all set to debut in the solo-film. So why is he in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Apparently the destroyed “World Engine” from Man Of Steel sunk and crushed a part of his kingdom, and Aquaman is forced to come to the surface and seek justice, leading to his eventual allegiance with Superman and Batman.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman will appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which releases March 25th 2016