[Confirmed] Marvel is canceling The Fantastic Four Comic in 2015


While the rumors and speculation have been in the air for a while, Marvel has confirmed this morning at the New York Comic Con that the long running Fantastic Four comic is coming to an end.. for now.

Speaking at Marvels planel, James Robinson began discussing the recent dark turns the series has made and confirmed the upcoming “The end is FOURever” event will mark an end for the series as it is right now.

“They’re going to all come back and be the team that you love. Everyone will have their moment, from Sharon Ventura to Wyatt Wingfoot.”

“The book is reverting to its original numbers, and the book is going away for a while. I’m moving towards the end of ‘Fantastic Four.'”

While it was previously speculated that this is due to the ongoing issues with Fox and the filming property, Marvel seems to be chalking it off to the series just needs to be done for a bit, with every coincidence being just that.

Fantastic Four: The end is FOURever is coming in 2015.