The CW’s Flash TV Show may see Wally West in the future.


The CW’s upcoming Flash TV show has already got a lot going for it. A few months ago the pilot leaked and for those who saw it knew that The CW already had another hit, and with only a few weeks away until its premier,

Recently Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, executive producers for the show spoke at PaleyFest panel. One of the topics discussed was the fact that the West family is now African-American, matching The New 52 Counterpart,and if Wally West was ever introduced on the show.

In response to the question, Greg Berlanti revealed:

“We made [the] Wests African-American so that we could head in that direction.”

Kreisberg added:

“When DC reintroduced Wally [in the New 52], he was African-American.”

So with the producing staff already revealing that they are deliberately going that direction, the biggest question is when it will happen. Will we see Wally time travel and meet young Barry during the middle of some relationship arc, giving Barry some “proof” that he will end up with Iris? At this point the speculation is more enticing than anything else.

The Flash is set to premier on The CW this Oct.