DC’s Supergirl has found a home with CBS


Just when you thought DC was already over saturating the realm of Television another show gets lit. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we now know that CBS has signed on for a “hefty” series commitment. Implying that they are confident in the pilot order, and they have agreed to much more than initially expected. It has also been revealed that Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) and Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family) will write and executive produce the Supergirl TV show, which thankfully will not be titled “Super” or “girl” as previous reports claimed, but will indeed be called “Supergirl.”

What is most surprising, and is quite relieving, is the series description that THR posted along with the initial report:

The hourlong drama, taken out last week, centers on Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, who was born on the planet Krypton and escaped amid its destruction years ago. Since arriving on Earth, she has been hiding the powers she shares with her famous cousin. But now at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.

That’s right, it sounds like Superman may have a role in this show, even if it is in a minor capacity.

Supergirl is expected to begin airing on CBS this next pilot season.