DC moving forward with a Supergirl TV Series


With the obvious success of The CW’s ARROW, fans know that DC has begun moving forward in full force with TV shows based on many of their properties. With Constantine, Gotham, The Flash, and iZombie already nearing their premier dates, rumors have already begun about what other shows would be in the pipeline.

Aside from the live-action Young Justice rumors and the occasional Booster Gold rumor, not much else has really had any traction on the rumor front, that was until Supergirl. While the rumors of a Supergirl TV show have existed since the days of Smallville, where the character made a re-occurring guest appearance that fans widely accepted as one of the better aspects of that show’s 10-season run, rumors began to creep in that the show is once again in development.

Bleeding Cool originally reported a rumor that producer Michael Green (Gotham, Smallville, and NBC’s Heroes) was developing the show for Warner Brothers. This rumor proved extremely inticing due to the fact that Green had worked on the New 52 Supergirl Comic and fans took to this news that with high approval, but now Deadline has revealed that a Supergirl show is coming from Warner Bros, but Green is not going to be involved in the project.

The report also reveals:

“will be a new interpretation of the Supergirl character and her story. Adler will write the script and will executive produce with Berlanti Prods.’ Berlanti and Sarah Schechter.”

It is also said that DC Vet Geoff Johns will be actively involved in the projects production, and right now one of the biggest hurdles is how to handle the property without the direct inclusion of Superman himself.

What is most interesting though, is what Deadline revealed about the potential title of the show:

“The Supergirl show doesn’t have a name yet. I hear the producers are considering several options that need to be cleared, including Super and Girl.”

So will Supergirl follow in the steps of the previous DC TV shows and take its name from an abridged version of the comic book’s actual title? With the Superman origin show Smallville, Arrow (the comic being titled simply Green Arrow), Constantine (Hellblazer to fans), and the failed Wonder Woman series titled “Amazon,” many fans are beginning to not like this trend of silly named shows for their beloved heroes.

Only time will tell if this show will ever see the light of day, and if it does, how the continuity of it will play out. Will it be connected to any other current DC TV shows or will it have ties to the Man Of Steel film? Hopefully, we will see the answers to these questions soon enough.