[Rumor] First Look at Han Solo in STAR WARS Episode VII


Well they’re at it again apparently. Last night Indie Revolver broke the reveal of the Storm Troopers in STAR WARS Episode VII and now they apparently have the first look at Han Solo himself.

While they don’t have an official shot of Harrison Ford in costume, they do once again have concept art of things he may be wearing:

han-coat (1)

han-trench (1)

While its definitely nice to see that Han Solo’s look hasnt seen a dramatic change, and J.J. Abrams has been very respectful to the character’s natural progression as it would be after 25 years. I for one feel that if this concept art is indeed factual, than I will be pleasantly appeased with the designs of the other core characters.

STAR WARS Episode VII is currently set for a Dec 18th, 2015 release date.