Robbie Amell cast as ‘Firestorm’ in CW’s The Flash



Earlier this week The CW shocked everyone when they revealed that Arrow would be getting a member of the JLA, The Atom, as a reoccurring cast member for their upcoming season and now they have revealed that The Flash would be getting one of their own.

According to Entertainment Weekly actor Robbie Amell, Arrow’s Steve Amell’s cousin, is officially joining the cast of The Flash as none other than Ronnie Raymond aka the physical half of the hero Firestorm.

It has been revealed that Amell’s first appearance in the season will begin starting on Episode 3 and will continue to reoccur thoughout the season.

Fans of the comics are aware that Ronnie Raymond physicist Martin Stein were unexpectedly caught in a nuclear accident that at first fused the two together, and later allowing them to control it, eventually becoming the hero Firestorm.

The Flash is set to debut on The CW this October.