[Rumor] Potential first look at a Lexcorp building in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice


With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice already into its filming, set photos seem to be flooding in of whats being done on set, and with it some are claiming that we may have our first look at a Lexcorp building for the film.

Batman-News is reporting that the above set photo is none other than a Lexcorp office building, one that is said to be filming the “hipster” Lexcorp staff that was mentioned in a previous report.

thanks to Batman News reader Chad, we have our first look at Lex Luthor’s office building. Chad posted the photo above on his blog and reports that after a couple weeks of construction a giant blue “X” has been added to the building with “LexCorp” written underneath.

While some are citing that this “office building” photo blatantly contradicts the obvious Lexcorp easter eggs in Man Of Steel showing Lexcorp’s giant skyscraper, it possibly that this is like a temp office while their building is being fixed.


Along with their report, they also shed some light on the rumored “New Costume” image that hit the internet for Superman. Initially the above statue was assumed by man to be a plaster mold for the new suit, but it turns out it may actually be a statue of Superman which is said to be featured sometime in the film.

Chad has an update on that as well. First of all, it’s real and it’s from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Chad wasn’t able to snap a new photo, but saw it in person and said it must be at least 15 feet tall. Here’s what else he had to say about it:

“It is standing on some steps that have been constructed. They look like the types of steps in front of a government building. They are concrete-ish in color. There isn’t a background, so I assume this will be green-screened and dropped into some other shot.”

Obviously this all can be placed in the Rumor pit for now, mainly due to the information provided seems to originate from one guy observing the set from a distance, but with Comic Con only a few weeks away its possible fans may be getting a much clearer answer soon enough.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is currently set for a May 6th, 2016 release date.