[Rumor] Peyton Reed Emerges As Frontrunner On ANT-MAN

Marvel’s Ant-Man cant catch a break. After Edgar Wright left the project a short list of directors emerged, but shortly after it did most of the directors ended up passing on the project. Now it seems not only a new name has been entered into the running, but rumors suggest he is currently Marvel’s Frontrunner for the role.

The Wrap hasrevealed that Peyton Reed, known for directing Down With Love, The Break Up, and Yes Man, is Marvel’s new frontrunner to replace Edgar Wright in directing Ant-Man for Marvel Studios.

However, it seems that according to The Hollywood Reporter  David Wain (“Role Models”) is also in the mix for the directing gig as well.

No word yet on if Marvel has confirmed these directors are in the mix or not, but the longer it takes to find this film a director the higher the likelihood that its final release will be delayed.

Marvel’s ANT-MAN is currently set for a July 17th, 2015 release date.