[Rumor] Nightwing to appear in Arrow Season 3


It comes as no shock that the CW’s hit show Arrow likes using characters from Batman comics. With the show already prepping its 3rd season, the show has already featured characters such as Ra’s al Ghul (and Nyssa al Ghul), Deadshot, Firefly, a Harley Quinn Cameo, The Huntress, and many others. Along with some very obvious references to Nightwing’s base of operations, Bludhaven, rumors have surrounded the characters involvement in the show since the filming days of Season 2.

220px-Steven_R._McQueen_by_Gage_Skidmore_2Almost a year ago, back during the early casting days of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, rumors began to fly that Nightwing was among the characters set to appear in the film (see here and here). During the middle of these rumors however, actor Steven McQueen (The Vampire Diaries) went to twitter to show some “Nightwing Training.”

Shortly after the rumros began, series creator Andrew Kreisberg had been asked about them and even commented on the actors twitter posts saying:

“He definitely picked the right guy to get me interested, because Nightwing’s my favorite, I don’t know. Twitter’s interesting.”

But since those initial posts and rumors we have seen nothing, that is until now.

It seems actor Steven McQueen is at it again, once again taking to Instagram, but this time he isn’t alone in the photo.


@steven_r_mcqueen: “#arrow #nightwing #golakings”.

So the big question is, whats going on here? Obviously according ot the post they’re at the LA Kings game that happened the other night, but that doesn’t explain why these two actors are hanging out, or the hashtags.

So once again the rumors begin to spread like wildfire, but with both Arrow and the press surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice at an all time high, this would be the best time to unveil a strong connection between the two properties, that is if DC decides to go that route.