[Rumor] Nathan Fillion’s role in The Guardians Of The Galaxy revealed to be *SPOILER*


Last week a rumor hit the web that tied Nathan Fillion to Nova in the film’s post credit scene. Unfortunately shortly after the rumor went live the dreams and hopes of the masses were crushed when Director James Gunn debunked the rumor. However, he did confirm Fillion would be appearing in the film.

But now thanks to a report from schmoesknow.com we may actually know who Fillion is playing.

In what seems like a “blink and you’ll miss it” cameo, The Schmoe’s have revealed that Fillion will be playing none other than Cosmo the astronaut dog.


So who the heck is Cosmo? In the comics its a dog that was sent into space in the 1960’s as part of the Soviet Space Program. After being lost in space, the dog found himself being mutated, gaining intelligence, and now serving as Security Chief at the Knowehere space station.


With Knowehere already have been confirmed to be a part of this film, it went without a doubt that Cosmo would be bound to show up sooner or later. And while its obviously not Nova, fans can be pleased that Fillion will easily have a memorable cameo.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy is currently set for a Aug 14th, 2014 release date.