[RUMOR] Commissioner Gordon to appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

BatmanVSuperman Gordon

The guys over at Batman-On-Film have reported that Commissioner Gordon will be making an appearance in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel/Justice League prequel Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Is Commissioner Jim Gordon in BATMAN v SUPERMAN?

According to the aforementioned FOBOF, that’s what he’s hearing. Since the Batman of BvS is supposed to be a “seasoned, weary, grizzled crime-fighting veteran,” it’s safe to assume that most – if not all – of the Batman Family (and Bat-Villains) already exist in the new DC Cinematic Universe. Based on that line of thinking, a short appearance by Jim Gordon certainly isn’t out the realm of possibility. However, I’ve got to think that since the role of Gordon is such an iconic and important part of the Batman mythos, if the character was really in the film the part would have already been cast and we’d know with whom.

While its no secret that many are claiming this film will be a bit over crowded being that it is actually poised as more of a prequel to the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE film more so than a Man Of Steel sequel, the idea that they plan on setting up Batman as a pre-established and “seasoned” character would also hopefully imply that he has already had allys such as Gordon and several sidekicks already there as well.

The richer the backstory, the more believable the character.

While it true, it would be hard to top Gary Oldman as Gordon, I for one think that if they should get anyone it should be Bryan Cranston. While he was indeed a fan favorite for Lex Luthor, I was actually firmly against that potential casting because I felt he would make a perfect Commissioner James Gordon.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is set for a May 6th, 2016 release date.