[Rewind Review] The Slackers – Self Medication


Summer is in full swing, and to me that means music. From Summer road tips to sitting out side soaking up some rays, you have to have the perfect summer time album to go along with any activity, because of this I thought it would be a good idea to share with everyone one of my favorite summertime albums. For this installment of the Rewind Review I bring you the album Self-Medication by The Slackers.

The Slackers have been one of my favorite bands for years; Self-medication is by far one of their most perfect albums. Coming out of the Manhattan on the rising SKA wave in 1991. They are masters of blending garage rock, rules jazz, and Dub producing a sound that set them apart form the other big names in the genre.

What makes this album perfect for the summer is the sound that they are able to create. The common perception of Ska is the loud punk-style that rose out of the late 90s. You won’t hear that here this album has a low-key chill vibe that is perfect for out side-time wasting; the strong Dub influence brings in a touch of that island feel that screams summer.

The lyrics are what push this album over the top. Vic Ruggiero has his witty wordplay on tracks like, “Every Day is Sunday,” and “Don’t you want a Man Anymore”. “Stars” shows Vic’s softer side lyrically but still keeps that perfect summer time feel.

With Summer time in full swing I recommend checking out Self Medication. It will be the perfect addition to your back yard BBQ or just killing time on your deck this album will help set the perfect vibe.