Matt Smith Expresses Interest in Portraying The Riddler


Right on the heels of an interview with Karen Gillan, in which she stated that she would want to play Spider-Girl, another interview brings to light her co-actor’s answer to that question.

In a Comic Con panel in Philadelphia, Gillan’s fellow Doctor Who actor, and star of the show, Matt Smith, was asked which superhero he would want to portray in the future.

After giving the matter a moment of consideration, he replied “Oh, I know. Yeah, Batman.”

Someone then asked him to demonstrate his ‘Batman voice’ and Smith replied, “Oh, no, listen because I don’t know what it is. Bale went with the gruffy thing. Mine could be (in a high pitch voice), ‘Hey, I’m Batman.'”

Then Smith suggested he could play the Joker, possibly after remembering that Ben Affleck had been cast for the role of Batman. The moderator then suggested that Smith could play the Riddler in one of the Affleck Batman movies, assuming there are any. Smith was intrigued by the idea, and said, “Hey, I’m going to write to Warner Bros. and say that you mentioned it. And you never know.”

While we may indeed never know, the actor certainly fits Edward Nigma’s lanky profile, and Smith has certainly developed the acting chops for it. Hopefully Matt Smith follows through on his promise to bring this to Warner Bros. attention.