Ghostbusters coming Back to the big screen in honor of its 30th anniversy

Finally some good news for Ghostbusters Fan, with the planned third installment stuck in limbo it would seem like there will it could be a long time before we see any Ghostbusters film on the big screen. Until now that is, Sony has announced that in honor of the 30th anniversary they are planning to re-release a restored and re-mastered copy the film in a limited number of theaters in the US and Canada. They are shooting to have the films in these theaters on August 29th.

The film is only going to be run in 700 theaters but for those who don’t get a chance to see it on the big screen there is still hope.


Along with the theatrical run Sony is also planning on releasing a special anniversary blue ray combo pack of both Ghostbusters films. This limited edition set will include both Blue-Ray copies of the film with never before seen deletes scenes from the second flim and interviews with Ivan Rietmen and Dan Akyrod as well as a collectable Slimer figurine. This will also be the first time fans will be able to snag a Blue-Ray copy of the Second film.

No word yet on to if there is going to be a list of theaters that are going to be part of the limited release. But hopefully that is coming soon.