Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Mobile Game could potentially bring about the FFVII remake


In a recent interview with Famitsu, following the E3 Reveal of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, Final Fantasy VII director, Yoshinori Kitase, revealed that the upcoming game “could” potentially pave the way for a Final Fantasy VII remake.

“Until now, whenever we talked with Nomura about a project that would require outsourcing, his first choice was always Cyber Connect 2”

The series director then explained that Square Enix often uses Cyber Connect 2 as their primary “Go to” group for this sort of games due to their proficiency with action games.

He then began to discuss the previous “Compilation of Final Fantasy VII” series that started on the PS2 and PSP era, and how this new game could rekindle the series in the creation of new games.

“Well, FFVII has many spin-off pieces and for the fans, its image has spread rather diversely, so I feel that G-Bike will set the standard of if we were to make new a VII related piece now, if more is to come, this is the starting point, so both myself and Nomura are closely observing its quality.”

When asked directly about the possibility of a remake of Final Fantasy VII, Kitase replied:

“Who knows? Mr. Matsuyama [of Cyber Connect 2] is making the foundation, and after the path has been paved, we might think about making it… At least that’s what could happen. In terms of the quality level and consumer response, it may all depend on [G-Bike]. We’re looking forward to the results.”

While many feel that this is just another dangling carrot on a stick in terms of the possibility of a remake, since in the past they indicated that they have no active desire to remake the game, fans can still hope that enough outcry can give us what they want.