[E32014] Titanfall 2 Is Reportedly Coming to PS4



With E3 2014 kicking off its first day of announcements and reveals, it comes as no shock that one of its first would be about Xbox One’s smash hit Titanfall. While its true that many were expecting news to be coming about a sequel to the Microsoft exclusive title, many were not expecting the news to be that its future will no longer be bound to Microsoft alone.

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that not only is “Titanfall 2” is in the planning stages of its development but that it will also come out on PlayStation 4 when finished, along with the presumed consoles its predecessor was one(PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.)

While its not the first time that this rumor has come to light, with reports that Titanfall’s production team was extremely upset about the terms that Microsoft had tied them to in their exclusive contract, but this is the first confirmation of it.