[E32014] PlayStation TV is coming to the US



Last year Sony revealed the PlayStation Vita TV in Japan, a new compact device that would allow users to not only play their PSVita games on the big screen, but also allow them to remote play their PS3 (and at that time potentially PS4) games in a separate room from the parent console. The idea was really impressive at the time of its reveal, but many didn’t initially see its worth in the US market which led to Sony holding off on a Western release.

But now at E3 2014 Sony has revealed that the device will be coming to the West.  The US release will come in two bundles, the first being a stand-alone device set at $99 and the second being a bundle including a Dualshock 3 controller and a download for The Lego Movie on PSVita.

You can preorder the PlayStation TV here on Amazon.