[E32014] Gameplay Trailer Released for No Man’s Sky


What kind of gamer are you? Do you play through games just for the storyline, sidequests, hidden areas, and treasures be damned? Or are you an explorer, obsessively filling in every area of your map and hunting down every treasure? Are you a completionist, needing to get that 100% next to your save file to truly feel like you’ve shown the game who’s boss?

If you identify as an explorer or as a completionist, upcoming sci-fi game No Man’s Sky could be your best dream come true or your worst nightmare, respectively. No Man’s Sky takes “open world” to a whole new level, giving players a whole universe to play around in. Each planet is randomly generated and has a working ecosystem, some with a favorable environment for exploration, and some with an unforgiving evolutionary chain.

The game includes everything from large-scale space battles, to planets with any kind of imaginable alien life-form. And during this year’s E3, developer Hello Games released a short gameplay trailer. Check out the beautiful graphics below:

[youtube id=”MZO40WBNA60″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

There’s no denying it, this is a beautiful game. And with each planet procedurally-generated down to the vegetation patterns, there’s a near-infinite amount of world variations to discover.

Also, alien dinosaurs.