Xbox One External Storage Teased


Recently, XboxOneDev, a Reddit user who is a verified developer for the system, posted the screenshot above, along with only one other word, “soon.”

The photo displays a notification pop up which states that the external storage drive is ready, as well as that the total storage space available on the system was 585.9GB, even after 29.4% of the space was already being used.  Considering that the built-in hard drive on the Xbox One is only 500GB, this could finally give users the extra storage they’ve been requesting.

Last month, Larry (Major Nelson) Hryb stated that external storage options were in the works, and that Microsoft realizes how important the game library is to their users, and wanted to give them as many options as possible for storing their games.

Playstation 4 has had the ability since launch to swap out the original 500GB hard drive for another, larger one.  But doing so on the Xbox would require opening up the console and voiding the warranty.  By giving the users expansion options, they can keep their precious warranties in tact, and still be able to store the games they want to play, without having to worry about deleting a 50GB game, and wondering if you’ll have to spend a day downloading it again if you want to play it.

There has been no official announcement on the expanded storage options from Microsoft, but if the picture is any indication, hopefully we won’t have to wait long.