Max Landis says Sony is giving Spider-Man back to Marvel Studios?


Max Landis, the writer of the film Chronicle, has seemingly made headlines today via this twitter account when apparently revealed that Marvel would be getting Spider-Man back after their recent outing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was pretty much torn apart by critics.

Below are two tweets that were seemingly deleted right after they were posted (Thanks to BleedingCool
for the screenshot):


Shortly after those posts were deleted, Landis commented again on his twitter with the following two tweets:

and more recently this one:

So now the big questions is, Did The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hurt Sony bad enough for them to want to broker the character back to Disney/Marvel? In reality the answer to that question is Probably not. While its no secret that Landis like’s to play around on his twitter account and goof off a lot, but it is worth noting that he did pull the post and later comment that he got some “furious” emails.