“Glorious Leader.” Kim Jong-un to star in his own video game.

North Korean dictator and future James Bond Villain Kim Jong-un, could be soon coming to a video game system near you. This week Indie developer Moneyhorse released a trailer for their new game Glorious Leader, an old school side scrolling shooter staring Kim Jong-un.

From the preview this game looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome. It takes a very tongue and cheek attitude towards the life and worldview of Kim Jong-un. In this game Jong-un destroys the armies of capitalism with the help machine guns, a fiery unicorn and of course former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodmen. All of this awesomeness is encapsulated in what looks to be a Contra style shooter.

The game is slated to release on PC soon and then will come to mobile devices. According to the developer the game will not be available in North Korea. So sadly Kim Jong-un will not be able to enjoy his time pixilated spotlight.