WB Prepping Justice League for a 2017 release date?


Following yesterday’s surprising reveal that Zack Snyder would be helming the Justice League film, two separate sites (with separate sources) have now revealed that WB is planning on getting The Justice League released in 2017.

Yes, 2017, almost one year exactly after Batman/Superman’s release.

Which if true, this adds more weight to the previous rumor that both Batman/Superman and The Justice League would be filming together.

The First source, Latino-Review, dropped May 5th, 2017 as their release date for the film.

The second source, Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter, stated that the release window was simply 2017 but that an official announcement is planned for this summers San Diego Comic Con.

While this is truly shaping up to be great news for comic fans, it seems at this point all signs point to Comic Con as the event to watch.