Was “Project Insight” in Captain America : TWS actually Ultron?



***Warning – Potential Spoilers ahead***

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier now released fans are now digging though the film for all of its hidden secrets. While many are finding the most obvious ones, The Avengers Tower, Batroc The Leaper, and even Sharon Carter, fans may have completely overlooked one of the biggest ones yet.

Several months ago TCN received word from the notorious online persona, Roger Wardell, that Ultron in his most base form would be appearing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier:


Shield has already built parts of Ultron’s software, and Ultron is supposed to help them track down Hydra.

By CA2 Shield has been pretending to track down Hydra agents for a long time…

Zola got on Shield’s good side for a while and met Tony’s father who had a hand in the earlier forms of the AI…

Shield has been using Ultron for quite some time already…and the villains have been hacking it, and slowly turning it against Shield.


Obviously those who have seen the movie do know that Zola was revealed to be a part of Shield’s think tank and eventually create a system in the 60s/70s (Which is the same time period that Ant-Man is rumored to take place in) that would help “neutralize a lot of threats before they happened,” which in the film took the form of a highly advanced “algorithm” that often referred to as an “artificial intelligence” called “Project Insight.”

Throughout the course of the film “Project Insight” is revealed to be this  highly advanced algorithm, tied to an “advanced satellite” using 3 helicarriers as a weapon fleet so it can find its enemies and eliminate them.


While the film itself did a great job at putting this “AI” on the back burner and highlighting the importance of HYDRA and their battle with SHIELD, there was a key moment that Roger Wardell even alluded to:

In the end of Captain America 2 Ultron’s voice will probably be revealed…

During the launch of the trio of helicarriers, many fans are reporting a quick shot of the targeting satellite was shown with an ominous voice stating that the target was aquired.

Was this the voice of Ultron? While many will argue this question between now to the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron if that really was actor James Spader or not, but its hard to argue that it was any of the actors in that scene, mainly because everyone’s voices were so different and unique.

Right now only time will tell if this was really our first glimpse at the origins of this ominous villain, but one thing is for sure, if Marvel really did slip that one past fans it was one of the sneakiest and well played moves they’ve done yet.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now playing is theaters and Avengers: Age Of Ultron is set for release on May 1, 2015.